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The Under Armour -TB12 launch of sleep recovery pajamas could serve as a wakeup call for athletes and trainers looking to find ways beyond limited wristbands to acquire and analyze biometric data for improved performance.

Connected wear is part of the emergence of a category of apparel called smart clothing that has been used for more than a few years by NFL scouts, some players, and training firms to get an inside look at what makes athletes tick, on and off the playing field.

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I raised my glass to toast the New Year, and a moment later, the TV channel showing the Times Square celebration went dark.

Happy New Year? Not with continuing channel blackouts that have driven viewer and fan frustration to epic levels again. Consumers are stuck in the middle, feeling like an afterthought by large corporations battling over mega-bucks.

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What do you get when you mix drones, automated cameras, unmanned vehicles, AI and video streaming?

It sounds like something from a Terminator sequel with Arnold saving the day or an advanced system for exploring distant planets. But this collection of video capture and processing systems makes up a service that can eventually cover countless competitive sports events - from golf to high school football - for which coverage is typically too tough to justify.

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