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You don't have to be at a professional sports event to know that fans in the stands spend more time taking pictures of themselves and each other than they do in concessions lines. So, what if NFL team venues started installing robotic cameras that can take pics of fans when requested?

That's the hope of Boston-based Brizi, which has quickly racked up customers (sports teams/venues) in many levels of sports, including the NBA (Portland Trailblazers and Philadelphia 76ers) and top tennis tournaments worldwide.

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For some fans, hitting their team's website, following news during the week on TV and tuning in for games on Sundays just isn't enough. That's the belief of a growing number of teams - among them the Minnesota Vikings and the Baltimore Ravens - who have launched team video apps for connected TVs and mobile devices.

By partnering with special application creation companies such as Bottle Rocket, the duo and at least several others have created team apps that bring a wide array of non-game video programming to their fans. Connected team apps are viewed as the latest means to up the ante in the ongoing effort to better engage with fans.

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Though they likely know the down and distance at all times, fans in the stands probably have no idea what a distributed antenna system (DAS) is, or why they should care.

But tell them that wireless technology improvements will help them stream videos on social media and share pictures with friends at faster peak speeds than ever before from their mobile devices and it's a safe bet that plenty will ask how?

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