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The NFL is looking at expanding ticket access beyond its primary partner. The league thinks such a move has the potential to make buying tickets more convenient, reach new fans and provide greater revenues. In the meantime teams are using mobile ticketing to creatively fill empty seats.

For teams whose stadiums are not filled with season ticket holders, broader ticketing options offers these clubs the ability to collect valuable information on new buyers and add it to the vast fan data that's mined to fuel fan engagement efforts.

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After extensive research and participation in an esports tournament earlier this year, the Kraft Group has bought into the non-football startup Overwatch League. It will feature competing game players from at least seven cities around the world for viewing by fans online, on TV, and in person.

Esports have proven popular with highly coveted young demographics. The league will feature competition between those playing the Overwatch multiplayer team shooter game released last year. The move comes after the National Basketball Association announced plans for an esports league which will launch next year.

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It's a good thing for athletes from youth sports to the college level game that Jesse Harper decided against becoming a nutritionist at an elderly care facility after graduating from the University of Connecticut with a degree in nutritional biochemistry.

The football player opted instead to take on health in sports and now directs as CEO a fast-emerging sports tech company - aptly named Athlete Intelligence - which helps coaches and others measure understand impacts and player performance on a per-team or- player basis.

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