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Unlimited wireless data plans provide fans many opportunities to boost mobile video consumption - and numerous challenges when it comes to finding the offer that fits them best.

Just this week, Verizon joined top wireless providers with the launch of an unlimited data plan. T-Mobile added HD video and tethering to its offering. These are but the latest moves in a fiercely competitive market which includes unlimited plan providers AT&T and Sprint.

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Fans were treated to a historic overtime-decided Super Bowl last Sunday. And the league's tech and marketing gurus got an up close look in Houston at innovation that could move the game forward on and off the field.

Next-gen tackling robots got sizable attention from a league facing continuing head injury issues, heavily hyped 360 degree player views made but a few cameos, and Fox broadcasting game highlight packs in near real-time in virtual reality seems ripe for further review.

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An advanced computing and camera system that could take NFL game viewing next level will be working the game Sunday providing 360 degree replays of plays and player views. The hope is that these clips could someday become a staple for all pro football games.

Over a decade in the making, well past proof of concept and used in Super Bowl 50, 360 tech-infused video camera system faces a big obstacle to mainstream use: each (re) play generates a terabyte of data, meaning the unique clips can take up to several minute to create before they can be aired.

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