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In an effort to extend fan engagement with immersive media, the San Francisco 49ers and the San Jose Sharks have begun delivering fans 360-degree video content through team mobile apps. The NFL team allows fans to upload their reaction with it to teams for viewing by the fan masses.

In what could become an emerging trend, other NFL teams are currently testing and evaluating this opportunity, enabled by upstart Zeality Inc. The dual goals: extend fan engagement with immersive content and create new revenue opportunities. Fans can download the latest version of the 49ers app here on iOS App Store and Google Play Store to get the full experience today.

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With training camps come contact and the risk of player injury. Often lost in the annual summer action is the reality that sports tech companies are delivering potential breakthroughs to address head health challenges from the youth level to the pros.

The Mobile Virtual Player remote-controlled robotic tackling dummy, the emergence of the Vicis high-tech helmet, the launch of the Concussionometer and a first-of-its-kind NFL coaching clinic this week, together demonstrate the growing response to the safety needs of players in contact sports.

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True virtual reality has quickly captured the imagination of content owners, tech vendors and fans. However, capturing and holding the attention of fans with an immersive experience does have its challenges .Those who seek to redefine pro sports viewing will need to overcome core tech and network infrastructure obstacles.

Last week alone, the MLB and NBA announced deals with VR vendors to deliver a weekly game of the week to fans in virtual reality. The NFL last year provided game highlights and an original series in VR on-demand but has yet to stream live content such as game casts.

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For NFL fans looking to join the cord-cutter masses, reality bites. There's no one service that streams all NFL games. Don't expect one this decade. But identifying what current OTT offerings do and don't provide can help fans build a combo that can meets their live game needs.

The allure of OTT services grows for consumers in general every time a new service is launched, as was the case recently when the long -awaited Hulu Live joined YouTube TV, AT&T DirecTV Now, Sling TV, Sony PlayStation Vue and more. But the league' broadcast TV deals run five more years, through 2022.

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After struggling with the issue for two years, the National Football League is set to further loosen restrictions on teams' use of social media to better engage fans to expand their individual brands.

The pending and more lenient plan would allow teams to greatly increase the volume of content they distribute through current social media channels. Teams would also be allowed to create their own connected TV apps, which could strengthen the bond between clubs and their fan bases.

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The future is in doubt for a proposal that would allow coaches to use video on their tablets sidelines during games, with the NFL confirming that it will not take the field for the 2017 season.

In an unanticipated development last spring, teams voted to table the proposal, which the league called "game ready." When the same group assembles this weekend in Chicago, there will be no vote on sideline video.

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