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Think of Internet use before Google. The web contained seemingly limitless informational assets and business resources all battling for customers, but without search engines how could you discover what you didn't know existed?

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If your New Year's resolution was to decide on a home management package to help you monitor and control your most prized asset, you can still switch back to hitting the gym to get in shape and give it some more thought.

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Five years ago, before the word "cloud" had been heard in the IT industry, Cablevision's innovative plan to let consumers remotely access and store programming in servers and related gear located in the cableco's network ran into a wall with content owners citing copyright concerns with their coveted assets.

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While technology innovation has long fueled video product and service launched at the annual Consumer Electronic Show (CES), creating a solid business case for all parties determines whether these offerings shine on for years or burn brightly and quickly fade away.

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With Amazon, UPS and FedEx in post-Christmas damage control after thousands of gifts were not delivered by the 25th, it's time for e-tailers, shippers and third parties to make a New Year's resolution to avoid a repeat going forward.

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Cablecos have taken steps through its video-on-demand (VoD) systems to drive binge viewing of TV shows by their customers, but face challenges from OTT rivals. Netflix, which releases a full season of House of Cards at once, revealed that about half the users it studied watched an entire season in one week.

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