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News this past week focused on the deluge of new and returning original series launching now and opportunities for advertisers. The big original series story, however, is what the future holds for one-time "movie channels" that are under attack by online streamers and are also competing with non-premium channels.

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While most employees celebrate Fridays as the gateway to the weekend, June 27 was a brutal day (and night) to be a call center agent for Verizon Wireless.

Thanks to a massive outage related to an unspecified "billing system issue," agents from North Carolina to Arkansas and beyond were powerless to assist callers with payment questions, phone activations and new phone purchase requests, leaving the workers to repeatedly apologize. The same functions and others on the website were also knocked out.

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While the NFL has not yet embraced streaming of all live games over the web to wired devices, there are already apps that enable fans to watch a subset of the league's games lives, with new entries that promise to improve and extend the mobile fan's viewing experience.

We're talking fan-customized team and player video feeds, never before available camera angles (up to 22), live preseason games during the summer months and quick rewind ability after games end. And that's just for starters. The league's unlocking its gigantic vault of video content for fans.

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In this week’s column Bob explains what Aereo’s loss to broadcasters in the Supreme Court means to football fans across the U.S.

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Though video has met with marketing success in such business-to-consumer efforts such as TV, gas pump-top screens, in store TV systems and live streaming sports, can it help Facebook play a significant role in consumer purchases?

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If you watch the NFL on local broadcast TV channels you need to know Aereo. Its soon-to be decided rise or demise will determine the present, and future, of TV.

The case of Aereo vs. broadcasters has been heard by the Supreme Court which is expected to hand down a decision any day now. The Supreme Court? Really?

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