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In this column, Bob explains the business and technology challenges the NFL faces in streaming live games over the Internet to anxious fans.

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In this week's column, Bob test drives the league's new NFL Now app that can stream video customized by the user to their smartphone, tablet and PC (with more devices on deck).

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Not a week passes without a report/survey/market forecast on TV viewing behavior of millennials and older demographics. Some focus on what's happening now, some peer into the future and some just plain miss the mark.

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In this week's column, Bob updates pro football fans on the status of DIRECTV's, no-dish, online version of NFL Sunday Ticket.

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Five years ago last month, the government launched the "cash for clunkers" old car trade-in program, an approach that consumer electronics giant Samsung and BJs Wholesale Club resurrected on a far smaller scale as a means to entice consumers to trade in older TVs for savings on newer sets.

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In this week's column Bob examines NFL Game Rewind, which lets subscribers watch an entire season of NFL games on demand, after the live telecasts have concluded.

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