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Despite ever-rising carriage costs for the most coveted live content, the arguably most powerful weapon in cable, telco and satellite TV providers' customer retention arsenal is the regional sports network (RSN) because it delivers programming to fans that can't get it anywhere else, for now.

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Having already forever changed the gathering and presentation of news and noise, the web continues to provide us the most stirring and difficult footage to attain, the protests, insurrections and violence associated with civil unrest and upheaval in far-flung countries working to thwart such efforts.

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With attendance dropping and TV ratings climbing it’s time for the NFL to end its outdated blackout policy and harness some of the same technology and content options that’s made it a huge hit in the home to evolve the in-stadium experience of a pro sport created in the late 1800s.

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The future is uncertain for innovator/streamer Aereo as it faces a high stakes Supreme Court decision that could make or break the firm. Broadcasters want a win because the upstart is challenging its business model by delivering their over-the-air TV signals via the web and without compensation to a fast- growing consumer base for $8 a month.

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Think of Internet use before Google. The web contained seemingly limitless informational assets and business resources all battling for customers, but without search engines how could you discover what you didn't know existed?

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If your New Year's resolution was to decide on a home management package to help you monitor and control your most prized asset, you can still switch back to hitting the gym to get in shape and give it some more thought.

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