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Hoping to put the costly and extended failed experiment of 3D TV in the rearview mirror, the video industry is working hard to make ultra HD (aka 4K TV) a reality despite the high cost of capable TV sets and a dearth of programming shot in the higher-resolution format.

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In this week's column, Bob discusses why brains-and-brawn networks are required to deliver a streaming video experience that keeps fans coming back for more.

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Having lost its Supreme Court case vs. the big broadcasters who wanted over-the-air (OTA) TV streamer Aereo erased from the video industry, it now appears that both sides stand to win big if the company receives the full clearances it need to become what it long argued it wasn't – a cable TV service provider.

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In this week's column, Bob takes a look at the 4K resolution UHD TV movement and the challenges it currently faces.

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News this past week focused on the deluge of new and returning original series launching now and opportunities for advertisers. The big original series story, however, is what the future holds for one-time "movie channels" that are under attack by online streamers and are also competing with non-premium channels.

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While most employees celebrate Fridays as the gateway to the weekend, June 27 was a brutal day (and night) to be a call center agent for Verizon Wireless.

Thanks to a massive outage related to an unspecified "billing system issue," agents from North Carolina to Arkansas and beyond were powerless to assist callers with payment questions, phone activations and new phone purchase requests, leaving the workers to repeatedly apologize. The same functions and others on the website were also knocked out.

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