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The 2017-18 NFL season is over. But the offseason has just begun as the Pro Football Hall of Fame has launched a streaming channel that aims to bring the rich history and present of the sport to fans of the sport.

Last Friday, the Hall of Fame channel went live with its online vault of on-demand videos plus more than 380 hours of programming including live events, movies and a 15-hour documentary tied to the league's upcoming centennial celebration. Access to the new channel can be found here.

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Aiming to feed content-hungry fans in the week leading up to Super Bowl 52, the New England Patriots have launched a tech-driven, streaming network that provides fans live content from Minneapolis combined with on-demand classics.

The Not Done Network went live Monday and represents the first such NFL team-specific streaming service for a Super Bowl participant. The offering is based on cloud video distribution and processing approaches designed to together provide the optimal viewing experience without requiring the team build, buy and maintain networks and expensive gear.

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What could be better for a hardcore football fan than to help plan wireless coverage for the NFL's Super Bowls, which has come with the opportunity to attend the events?

Thanks to the intersection of technology and sports, Verizon's Brian Mecum, is living and working a dream that others can only hope for at bedtime. But if you think planning for new and upgraded distributed antenna systems (DAS) for NFL venues both new and older is a light-lifting, walk in the park, think again.

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Their contribution to resolving play reviews is limited. But pylon cameras - used by CBS in its coverage of AFC playoffs game last weekend - provided fans an engaging, up-close-and-personal glimpse of action around the end zone (in some cases before being run over by approaching players).

Pylon cameras don't completely satisfy those calling for fixed perimeter cams to help with officiating - especially in and near the end zones. Pylon cameras, used by broadcasters for college and pro telecasts, do however, add captivating video for the viewing audience.

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For those that like big menus with lots of choices, 2018 should be your year as the industry will see an array of new streaming services for live sports fans. But who will join the likes of Sling, Hulu Live, AT&T, YouTube, FuboTV, and more in the months ahead?

Last year saw the launch of new streaming services and key enhancements to yet others. Social media sites have begun streaming live sports to their legions of members. Mobile sports viewing choices are driving use of the second screen for content consumption, and with it, advertising.

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When construction began on the nearly $1 billion US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Vikings fans expected very big things. What they got was more than they could imagine; a new tech-infused venue, new content apps, a 360-degree camera system and a tech accelerator to attract startups.

And thanks to a solid season in the new digs, the Vikings won the NFC Central to land at least one home playoff game and a shot at a NFL first - playing in the Super Bowl on their home field in February.

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